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In the beginning...

Hello girls. If your here its because I Invited you. This is the official community of the Dead Bunny Cult. The cult was fashioned by Lydia and Bill a while ago in a land far, far away. Origionally it was a band name, but since we are not talented enough to keep a band, we decided to turn it into a sisterhood, or Cult, if you will, cult sounds cooler. We are the craziest group of bitches ever, if you ask me. Bordering on psycho. We are all types of gals from hippies to gods to sluts and tramps. But we're all friends here so, adopt a nicname (we all have one I think) If you dont have one I'll give you one. So now that your here you might as well post your head off about anything. thats what the community is here for. woohoo!!

Peace and Love,
Billie-Bill Noodles
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