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Dead Bunny Cult [entries|friends|calendar]
The Dead Bunny Cult

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THEME TIME! [11 - 22 - 04 // 6:19pm]

[ mood | headachy like whoa =( ]

To summarize: one awesome object from my room... The ONLY awesome object from my room... Is this tiny little glass doggie that I made David buy me in L.A., just because he was tiny... The dog, not Dave. =P And why did I pick the tiny little glass doggie? BECAUSE HE SIMPLY OWNS YOU.Collapse )

He has no name, though =(

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[11 - 22 - 04 // 8:16am]

Name: Heather
Adopt a nicname:Billie girl
Age:16 going on 17
Where are you from?:Philly bitches
Favorite color: GREENNN
describe yourself: My name is billie I love you and I will cherish you forever if your one of mah girls. If not I dislike you much and want you choke. Thats about it.
Mission statement: To make everyones lives just a little more exciting.
Pic of you (if possible):
post a pic of what kind of bunny you think you would be:I AM THE ICON BUNNY. THAT MEANS I RULE.

I thought, well maybe Im just setting a bad example concidering I didnt even fill out the application. so There ya go. Since noone will post I figure Ill give you some motivation.
Pick one thing. ONLY ONE. out of eveything in your bedroom, take a picture of it, post it and explain why you picked it.
If you want to do me a favor. promote in your journals. to get more people.
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Hiya! [11 - 7 - 04 // 11:25pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Lets take a looksieCollapse )

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Am I the first post? Am I Am I Am I????? [11 - 7 - 04 // 4:50pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

I am not a beautiful and unique snowflake =(Collapse )

This "thingie" will self-destruct in 5...4...3...2...1...

::runs away::

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Bottles to the Ground [11 - 7 - 04 // 7:23pm]

hey babies. Im finally back to this community. Sorry, I let everyone down.
but anyways.
I forget what my settings are for members.
but anyways. I fixed the info. I was feeling pretty lazy when I made this so I decided to just leave it at 3 sentances. so go back and read it all again. and Ill love you forever.
I really dont have much else to say other than IM BACK MUTHATRUCKAS.
you know who.
yea, that girl.
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In the beginning... [6 - 23 - 04 // 11:32pm]

[ mood | Bill is bored acctually ]

Hello girls. If your here its because I Invited you. This is the official community of the Dead Bunny Cult. The cult was fashioned by Lydia and Bill a while ago in a land far, far away. Origionally it was a band name, but since we are not talented enough to keep a band, we decided to turn it into a sisterhood, or Cult, if you will, cult sounds cooler. We are the craziest group of bitches ever, if you ask me. Bordering on psycho. We are all types of gals from hippies to gods to sluts and tramps. But we're all friends here so, adopt a nicname (we all have one I think) If you dont have one I'll give you one. So now that your here you might as well post your head off about anything. thats what the community is here for. woohoo!!

Peace and Love,
Billie-Bill Noodles

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