Short Shit (billxnoodles) wrote in deadxbunnyxcult,
Short Shit

Name: Heather
Adopt a nicname:Billie girl
Age:16 going on 17
Where are you from?:Philly bitches
Favorite color: GREENNN
describe yourself: My name is billie I love you and I will cherish you forever if your one of mah girls. If not I dislike you much and want you choke. Thats about it.
Mission statement: To make everyones lives just a little more exciting.
Pic of you (if possible):
post a pic of what kind of bunny you think you would be:I AM THE ICON BUNNY. THAT MEANS I RULE.

I thought, well maybe Im just setting a bad example concidering I didnt even fill out the application. so There ya go. Since noone will post I figure Ill give you some motivation.
Pick one thing. ONLY ONE. out of eveything in your bedroom, take a picture of it, post it and explain why you picked it.
If you want to do me a favor. promote in your journals. to get more people.
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