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Dead Bunny Cult

Clame Yourself

The Dead Bunny Cult
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Welcome to The DBC
We still rule
We are everything but scene.
If your here you blelong here. no rules no laws. Just get along and youll be fine. Be serious about everthing be uptight about nothing. Post whatever you like, poetry, pictures, rants and writings. this is no rating community. but if you want an opinion just ask, love.
Billie, Noodles, Hever = UBER-MOD
but your all CO-MODs to me.
Were all leaders noones superficial. Noone can define the words: right; wrong; ugly; normal; freak; etc, you get what Im saying.
Girls and truth only.

If you were accepted because I think your nifty just fill out this lil thingy I put together for your first post :

Adopt a nicname:
Where are you from?:
Favorite color:
describe yourself:
Mission statement:
Pic of you (if possible):
post a pic of what kind of bunny you think you would be:

that is it darlings.
the mod-lady Bill